Credzu Features

We bring everyone to the same page, seeing to it that credit services are safe and transparent. We do this by providing escrow services so credit professionals are only paid when they do the work. In addition, we closely monitor each company to make sure they are following applicable credit laws to protect consumers. Our platform is designed to keep you in the loop, connected the entire time while you receive regular updates on your progress.

We’ve built a network of companies we’ve personally vetted and trust, each with a different skill set, able to address all credit situations.

We help:

Consumers – Anyone with credit goals who need assistance improving their credit.

Service Providers – Companies who perform credit services.

Partners – Professionals such as Real Estate Agents or lenders who rely on clients with good credit to do business.

We provide:

  • A safe/secure way for consumers and credit services companies to transact.
  • A network of qualified service providers with different specialties who have proven track records.
  • A tailored platform designed to create a seamless, efficient, and transparent solution for professionals with clients who need credit assistance.