Never buycredit repairwithout Credzu.

We hold funds in a third-party escrow account (away from buyers and sellers) and we pay out only if services are performed as agreed.

1. You hire a service provider.
Choose any service provider you wish.

Hire a service provider, with up-front and transparent conditions reduced to writing.

2. We protect your funds.
We hold your money in escrow.
3.We disburse funds as agreed.
You get services or a refund.

never get ripped off again

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How Everyone benefits.

Some need credit services. Some provide credit services. Credzu provides a safe platform for everyone.

Do you need better credit?

We offer a comprehensive market platform from which you can choose the best-suited, best-rated service to meet your needs. Additionally, and most importantly, we administer an escrow service that safeguards your payment until your chosen service fulfills their promises. Click below to learn more and get started.

Do you improve credit?

As you may know, credit-related services are highly regulated. Our service and platform can drastically reduce your regulatory exposure, secure consumer confidence in your services, and considerably increase the number of clients who view your capabilities. Click below to find out more and get started.

Do your clients need credit better credit?

Real Estate? Mortgage? Car Dealer? If you sell a product or service where compatible credit is key, we can direct your consumers to the right service that will help them reach that goal and help you complete your sales or service objective, all the while safeguarding their investment with our escrow service.