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Credit teams that work for you.

The headaches involved in credit aren’t worth your time.
Partner with us to make sure your credit or your client’s credit is repaired and
rehabilitated properly.

What does Credzu do?

Credzu puts everyone (consumers, credit repair companies, realtors, etc.) on the same page, literally. One page.

Results. We connect consumers with qualified, skills-matched companies.

Incentive. Companies perform their best to remain in our network.

a Qualified. Companies in our network are well-qualified across many disciplines.

g Protection. We act as a mediator to resolve any issues that might occur.

Your better-credit search is over!

We've turn the industry upside down, in a good way. No more ``Google-ing`` credit repair companies, getting lost in a sea of ads, sorting through key-work-stuffed articles, hoping to find the needle in the haystack. Credzu connects consumers with hand-picked and qualified experts.

A perfect match.

Lenders need consumers, consumers need better credit, credit repair companies improve credit... Credzu connects them all.
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We work with brokers looking to maximize office sales and gain a competitive edge.

We help auto dealers who want to remove barriers from standing in the way of sales.

We help realtors close deals previously lost to credit issues, fostering future referrals.

We work with property managers who understand that clients who are unqualified today can be future clients.

We work with goal-oriented consumers who want to connect with credit experts.


Insurance Agents

We help insurance agents achieve their client's goals in securing their future.

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