If you need credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

The only way to be certain you're receiving what you pay for is though escrow. Escrow enables you to hire credit repair providers safely. We're the first and only platform providing this service.


We can help.

Don't trust credit repair?

Neither did we - until we decided to revolutionize the industry by introducing the concept of escrow (read on to find out how).

You are probably aware that the credit repair industry is alarmingly susceptible to scams and fraudulent behavior. Well-meaning consumers like yourself often fall victim to these scams without having any way to protect yourself or know if the company you are working with is legitimate or not. In response to the rampant abuse that occurs within the industry, the government implemented various regulations to protect you from nefarious characters and unscrupulous practices.

The abuse continues.

Despite these regulations, rampant abuse still frequently occurs simply because consumers are unaware of the restrictions against the actions of credit repair providers.

"Fake news"

There is an absolutely enormous volume of misinformation that is currently being circulated - intentionally or otherwise - on various internet platforms.

Rights? What rights?

Life before escrow.

Very few safeguards existed.

Typically, bad behavior is only punished after it occurs, and by then it is often too late to reverse the harm that has been done. Furthermore, only a small fraction of scammers are actually reported, caught, and brought to justice.

Consumer rights used to be complicated.

For you to keep track of all these stipulations, it would require an enormous amount of research, experience, and specific industry knowledge - all while knowing what to look for and where to look.

Transparency was uncommon.

You have a right to know exactly what they pay for - and eventually receive what you pay for - when you hire someone for a service, and that used to be extremely difficult to do with credit repair.

Promises were difficult to uphold.

Even well-intentioned providers can make claims about their services that misrepresent their actual capabilities. It used to be nearly impossible to distinguish who is actually able to deliver results, and who is just selling snake oil. 

Punishment is not protection.

Despite the many well-intentioned consumer protection laws, a neutral third-party intermediary was the missing solution to the endless problems that plague the industry. That's where Credzu comes in.


Our innovative escrow platform addresses these problems.

Escrow has the power to eliminate many forms of fraud by requiring written communication and legally compliant contracts between the transacting parties. Our trained escrow agents monitor communication to ensure that the companies you hire follow any relevant consumer protection laws. We also do not allow them to get paid unless they uphold their end of the agreement. 

Scam prevention.

Scam artists have no incentive to use our platform because it would guarantee that they would be exposed.

Mutual protection.

Individuals and companies have an incentive to work through our escrow platform to protect themselves from each other.

Results focused.

In order to get paid, providers need to produce results. This incentivizes positive, productive outcomes.

Vetted providers.

We’ve created a network of quality providers that have a proven track record of upholding their promises.

Compatible services.

Many types of credit service providers operate within Credzu which makes it easy to find the specific service that you need. 

Full transparency.

Our platform keeps all involved parties on task and informed so that progress is never stagnant. Everything is in one place.

Commercialized consumer protection.

We reverse-engineered these consumer protection laws and created a revolutionary platform to carry out the intention of these regulations so that you never get ripped off again.


Why you should choose us.

Protect yourself and your money.

Escrow is the only way to truly protect yourself when hiring any kind of credit repair service. You leave yourself critically susceptible to potential scams and fraudulent behavior otherwise.

Depend on our expertise.

Our agents act as your fiduciary during the pendency of the services. This allows you to rely on our experience and knowledge so that you don’t have to become an expert yourself. 

Expedite the process.

Working with us makes hiring a credit repair company extremely efficient by streamlining the process and saving you wasted effort and brain power.

No risks, hassles, fees, or memberships.

Our services are completely free to you, the consumer. You pay the credit repair providers only if and when they complete the terms of their written agreement.


Credzu's services are always free to credit repair customers.

Clients pay companies that perform credit-related services, not us.

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