More than a credit repair app… it safeguards credit repair transactions.

Traditional credit repair apps merely extend the problematic practices in the credit repair industry. You need an app that empowers you throughout the credit repair process. Credzu’s app does that. Let’s compare.

Promises, representations, and marketing.

The credit repair industry is known for harmful sales techniques and unfulfilled promises. Credzu’s platform addresses these issues by providing an app that eliminates these marketing failures and ensures fairness in credit repair transactions.

Credit Repair Apps

Credzu App

Most credit repair marketing is filled with misrepresentation, making undeliverable promises. Example

Credzu forces credit repair companies to put their promises up-front, in writing, and holds them accountable. Example

The risk of deception and abuse “increases significantly” when credit repair is offered through telemarketing. (CFPB) Example

Credzu prohibits telemarketing and requires all agreements to be reached via online chat, ensuring transparency and accountability. Example

Credit repair companies pride themselves in their “drip campaigns” and “funnels,” which can be annoying and spam-like. Example

Credzu puts you in control, allowing communication on your terms and eliminating spam practices. Example

Costs, Billing Models, and results.

Credit repair companies process payments in various ways. Typically, these billing models are not consumer-friendly and are designed to benefit the companies. Often, you end up paying for effort rather than actual results.

Credit Repair Apps

Credzu App

Credit repair companies offer monthly, flat fee, pay-for-delete, and other ambiguous payment options. Example

Credzu has unified all credit repair billing practices into a “pay per point” performance-based model. Example

Credit repair companies charge as little as $100.00 per month to thousands in flat fees. Example

Credzu forces companies to charge only $5.00 per point per bureau, so that you’re never paying unless you benefit. Example

Credit repair companies often charge as much as they can get from you and prefer perpetual monthly receivables. Example

Credzu sets a cap on the fees charged by credit repair companies, ensuring that they cannot exceed $999.00 for all services. Example

Credit repair companies require you to purchase expensive credit reports every month and earn referral fees from these purchases. Example

Credzu provides embedded credit reports at cost, included in the total fees, ensuring you don’t pay extra. Example

Problems and solutions.

“Credit repair” includes a variety of services to address financial problems. These range from traditional techniques like factual disputing to advanced methods such as Metro-2 compliance, pre-litigation, and filing lawsuits against creditors and credit bureaus.

Credit Repair Apps

Credzu App

Services in the credit repair industry vary, and companies often sell their services regardless of their suitability for you. Example

Credzu uses credit scan technology and AI to connect you with the right credit repair company for your needs. Example

The debt settlement industry is plagued by similarly un-consumer-friendly practices as the credit repair industry. Example

Coming soon: Credzu will release a model for debt settlement, making it as consumer-friendly as our credit repair escrow process. Example

Credit repair companies increasingly turn to lawyers to litigate claims discovered during the credit repair process. Example

Credzu is partnering with law firms nationwide to make this process seamless for consumers. Example

Consumer protection laws and rules.

There are a lot of legal considerations in the credit repair space. The laws and rules that regulate credit repair companies are designed to protect consumers. Being informed about those aspects of credit repair can provide an advantage.

Credit Repair Apps

Credzu App

Traditional credit repair companies often overlook consumer rights, leaving you vulnerable to unfair practices. Example

We’ve reviewed the laws and built our platform based on legal guidelines to ensure consumer protection and legal compliance. Example

Credit repair companies often ignore laws like CROA and the FTC Act, which prohibit advance fees and require disclosures and cancellation forms. Example

We’ve integrated the law into our platform, prohibiting advance fees and ensuring companies comply with all necessary regulations. Example

The Telemarketing Sale Rule harshly restricts telemarketers of credit repair services. Example

We prohibit telemarketing – and the harms that come with it – through our internet-only chat. Example

Each State has its own laws, rules, disclosures, and cancellation guidelines. Example

Credzu provides credit repair companies with state-specific agreement packages that adjust to the consumer’s state. Example

If you need a credit repair app, you need Credzu.

Credzu stands out by providing a transparent, fair, and effective platform for credit repair buyers and sellers in an industry often marred by problematic practices. Our innovative app connects you with trusted credit repair companies and safeguards your transactions through rigorous standards and consumer protection laws. By eliminating deceptive marketing tactics and ensuring you only pay for real improvements, Credzu empowers you to take control of your credit journey confidently. Hire credit repair companies through Credzu for a secure, results-driven credit repair experience that prioritizes your needs and protects your interests every step of the way.


The novel nature of this new credit repair pricing and billing model provokes a lot of questions. Here are some answers to those questions.

How do I get started with Credzu’s credit repair app?

To get started with Credzu, sign up online or download our app, create an account, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect with a trusted credit repair company.

Credzu thoroughly vets all credit repair companies on our platform, ensuring they have the qualifications, experience, and track record of success in improving credit scores. More importantly, we hold your funds and pay companies only if and when they deliver.

Yes, the Credzu app provides real-time updates and allows you to track your credit repair progress, view improvements in your credit score, and communicate with your credit repair company.

If you’re not satisfied, Credzu’s escrow agents can help mediate the situation and ensure that any unearned funds are returned to you. Our platform is designed to protect consumers and ensure fair outcomes.

The duration of the credit repair process varies depending on your individual situation. Credzu’s credit repair companies aim to deliver results as efficiently as possible, with regular updates provided through the app. Credit repair companies inside of Credzu’s platform have a greater incentive for fast results because they only get paid when they achieve results.

No. First of all, consumers do not pay Credzu a dime (the credit repair companies pay us). Second, Credzu ensures transparency in all fees. We impose a pay-per-point model on credit repair companies to make it easy to understand and so that expectations are property set.

Credzu’s platform is built on consumer protection laws and transparency. We require written agreements, prohibit telemarketing, and use an escrow system to ensure that payments are only made for actual results.

You can contact Credzu’s support team directly through the app’s help section, where you can chat with our support agents or find answers to common questions. Or, if you want, you can email us at info@credzu.com

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