Credit Repair Cloud’s Motion to Dismiss

  • December 17, 2021
  • 1 Min Read

Here’s a quick history of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s case against Credit Repair Cloud:

A few months back, the Consumer Financial Protection Breau issued a civil investigative demand to Credit Repair Cloud, asking for information about the credit repair companies using the Credit Repair Cloud software.

Credit Repair Cloud declined the invitation to provide the requested information.

In return, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sued Credit Repair Cloud for, among other things, substantially assisting credit repair companies to violate the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

Today, Credit Repair Cloud filed a motion to dismiss the CFPB’s complaint against them.

Here’s a copy of their motion to dismiss:

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Robert Sigman

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Michael A Sanders
Michael A Sanders
2 years ago

I’m glad that the CFPB helps consumers and businesses who have been victims of abusive entities. But, Credit Repair Cloud and Daniel Rosen aren’t one of them. Sometimes, a well-meaning governmental watchdog can go too far in their quest to write wrongs. When they do, they harm companies that are genuinely helping people. Don’t spoil the entire barrel of apples to eliminate the rotten fruit from the bunch, especially when the offenders are but a small minority of the whole. It isn’t fair. Now, who’s the bully? You are, CFPB! You most unquestioningly are.

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