Terms of Service

  • Robert Sigman
  • 20th, March 2022

Below you will find a list of agreements, terms, notices, etc., concerning our site and/or your use of it. The uniqueness of our site and business model (financial technology in a highly regulated credit service industry) requires thoroughness, to say the least. Nevertheless, we’ve tried to make them easy to access, read, and understand. If you have any questions, please contact info@credzu.com

Terms of Use

This agreement explains the permitted and prohibited ways in which you may use our Site, including permitted and prohibited behavior.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy explains how we treat information you share with us, including third party apps that may indirectly collect information you.

User Agreement

This agreement concerns your rights and obligations when using our website and it includes important information from registering and using the site to mandatory arbitration, conflict resolution, etc. Read it thoroughly.

Fee and ACH Authorization Agreement 

This agreement explains how funds flow, who pays what and covers your authorization to be charged by Credzu.

Escrow Instructions

This agreement outlines how we handle escrowed funds between Consumers and Services providers along with dispute resolution programs including arbitration.

Sila’s Terms of Use

We use Sila, Inc., for bank linking, etc. As such, you have to agree to their terms of service to use our site. This section links to their Terms of Service.

Sila’s Privacy Policy

In addition to accepting their Terms of Use, Sila, inc. also requires that you accept their privacy policy, as well, as a condition of using their services through our site.