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Learn about Credzu, LLC!

Who we are:

Credzu is a Project Management Service company, dedicated to connecting clients with experts who can repair and rehabilitate their credit in order to increase their buying power.

What we do:

We partner with professionals to ensure their clients receive top-notch service while keeping those clients connected and focused on the goal of home ownership.

How we do it:

Using a network of experts in many areas of credit repair and rehabilitation whose work and service has been vetted by our team over many years, we personally connect clients with the companies that can provide high level services to address their specific needs. Much like a homebuilder is in charge of overseeing and managing the process of new construction while involving contractors at various stages, we coordinate and communicate from start to finish with all parties, which may include multiple companies with expertise in credit repair, debt settlement, and credit building, in addition to the client and real estate professional.

Our Story:

Our story begins in 2007 when our owner/founder, Robert Sigman, returned home from a military deployment to Iraq. While overseas serving our country as a Special Agent with Army Counterintelligence, mistakes were made on his credit report that led to a loan denial when he returned home. In speaking with other military services members, he discovered he wasn’t alone in experiencing mistakes on his report while being deployed. As he became aware of the issues that many veterans faced in regard to their credit and the frustration they experienced in trying to find real solutions, he began to educate himself on the process of credit repair and to interview credit repair companies.  Through this process, he uncovered a widespread and serious problem with the quality and integrity of services that were being offered by many companies that claimed to provide legitimate credit repair services. Putting to use skills he learned during his military service, he began to vet credit repair companies until he found groups he could trust, eventually developing a network of reputable companies. Driven by a newfound passion to help people navigate a complex system that plays an enormous part in their lives (to many, unknowingly), he founded Superior Tradelines and Credzu to help people overcome obstacles on their personal credit and achieve their financial goals.


Today our team consists of professionals who have spent time on the sales and lending end of Real Estate and have experience in organizational leadership and performance management – who understand the power of motivation and achieving goal-oriented objectives.

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