Our Commitment

Credzu's Mission Statement

The mission at Credzu is to offer consumers an opportunity to receive safe and secure credit services while providing credit repair organizations the tools needed to thrive in a highly regulated industry. Credzu pursues this goal by acting as an intermediary between consumers and companies and leveraging cutting edge technology to ensure that consumer payments are protected, credit companies receive payment when agreed upon services are provided, and all parties are able to communicate in a transparent manner.

Credzu's Value Statement

Credzu has identified five core values that guide what we do and the manner in which we do it. While there are many other values that fall within these five, the purpose of our value statement is to lay a clear path that helps navigate our operations and every situation we encounter.


We understand that integrity is the foundation of trust, and trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. While we believe there is always a business case to be made for integrity, it’s something that we place a tremendous amount of value on in our personal lives as well. It is our intention that integrity is at the heart of every decision we make and action we take.

We recognize that all stakeholders, both internally (owners, staff, contractors, advisory board members) and externally (consumers, owners and staff of credit companies, vendors, and partners) are individuals whose journey through life may be different than our own but we all share common aspects of the human experience - happiness, sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, fear, love, etc. Empathy allows us to tap into those experiences and to see ourselves in each person we encounter. It guides the way we treat each other and handle ourselves in all situations, especially when they’re stressful.

We believe that our humility allows us to be better listeners and learners, and it gives us the capacity to grow. Without it, achieving our potential is never a possibility.

We commit to being lifelong learners and asking tough questions. Curiosity is the spark of innovation - it allows us to problem solve and it is the catalyst to change. It is also a key component to building successful relationships.

We view adaptability as one of the most important characteristics an individual can have when it comes to business. We live in an age of constant change and acceleration. Our ability to serve customers and maintain our mission depends on our ability to adapt quickly to internal and external changes.

Join the credit repair revolution.

If you need credit services, Credzu is the platform to use to ensure safe transactions.

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