Ensuring real consumer protection in credit repair

How credzu integrates comprehensive legal safeguards into our platform to enforce consumer protection laws and provide tangible security for your credit repair journey.

Advance Fee Ban

Consumers pay only after services are completed.

Right to Dispute

Consumers can correct errors on their credit reports.

Contract Transparency

Clear contracts ensure consumer rights are protected.

Fair Debt Collection

Consumers are protected from abusive debt collection.

Privacy Protection

Personal financial information is kept private and secure.

Consumer Oversight

Agencies enforce compliance and address complaints.

Understanding the Laws That Protect You

Learn how these consumer protection laws safeguard your interests and how Credzu ensures strict compliance to provide you with secure and reliable credit repair services.

The purpose of the CROA is to ensure transparency and fairness in credit repair services.

Written Contract Requirement

Credit repair companies must provide a detailed written contract before performing any services. Credzu ensures all transactions include a clear, comprehensive contract, protecting your rights.

No Advance Payments

Companies cannot request or receive payment until they have completed the promised services. Credzu’s escrow platform upholds this rule by holding funds until services are verified as complete.

Cancellation Rights

Consumers have the right to cancel their contract within three business days without any charge. Our system honors this right, allowing for easy contract cancellation and refund processing.

Disclosure Requirements

Companies must disclose key information about the services, including the total cost, estimated time to achieve results, and the consumer’s rights under the CROA. Credzu mandates full disclosure, ensuring you are fully informed.

The FCRA aims to promote the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of consumer information contained in the files of credit reporting agencies.

Access to Credit Reports

Consumers have the right to request and obtain a free credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus once every 12 months. Credzu facilitates access to your credit reports to keep you informed.

Dispute Inaccuracies

Consumers can dispute incorrect or incomplete information on their credit reports. The credit bureaus must investigate and correct any inaccuracies within 30 days. Credzu supports your right to dispute and correct errors.

Notification of Negative Information

Creditors must notify consumers when negative information is added to their credit report. We ensure you are promptly informed about any changes to your credit report (if you use our system for credit monitoring).

The FTC Act prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce, including in the credit repair industry.

Prohibition of Deceptive Practices

The FTC Act prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in commerce. This includes false advertising and misrepresentation of services by credit repair companies. Credzu ensures all claims and advertisements are truthful and clear.

Enforcement Authority

The FTC can take legal action against companies that violate the FTC Act, including seeking injunctions and monetary penalties. Our platform’s compliance framework aligns with FTC regulations to avoid deceptive practices.

The TSR aims to protect consumers from deceptive and abusive telemarketing practices.

Advance Fee Ban

Similar to the CROA, the TSR prohibits credit repair companies from charging advance fees before providing services. Credzu’s escrow platform ensures you are only charged for completed services.

Disclosure Requirements

Companies must disclose key information during sales calls, including the total cost of the services and the consumer’s right to a refund within a certain period. We mandate complete transparency in all communications.

Do Not Call Registry Compliance

Companies must comply with the National Do Not Call Registry, which allows consumers to opt-out of telemarketing calls. Credzu respects your privacy by adhering to the Do Not Call regulations.

GLBA mandates that financial institutions protect the privacy of consumers’ personal financial information.

Privacy of Consumer Financial Information

GLBA requires financial institutions, including credit repair companies, to protect the privacy of consumers’ personal financial information. Credzu is committed to securing your personal data.

Disclosure of Privacy Practices

Companies must provide consumers with a privacy notice explaining how their information is collected, used, and protected. We provide clear privacy notices and protect your information.


How does Credzu ensure that credit repair companies follow the law?

Credzu integrates legal compliance checks into every step of the credit repair process, ensuring all activities meet federal and state consumer protection laws.

Credzu monitors compliance closely and takes swift action against any violations, including suspending services and removing non-compliant companies from the platform.

The escrow system holds your funds in a secure account, only releasing payment to the credit repair company once the agreed-upon services are successfully completed.

Yes, Credzu allows you to request a refund if the services are not performed as agreed, which is in line with the CROA’s protections against advance fees and non-performance.

Credzu has a structured dispute resolution process to address any issues promptly and fairly, ensuring consumer rights are protected throughout the process. This process is outlined in the escrow instructions in the terms of service.

While results can vary, Credzu ensures that only compliant, effective credit repair companies are on our platform, improving the likelihood of positive credit outcomes. Additionally, you only pay if the credit repair company improves your credit score.

While Credzu screens all credit repair companies for compliance and performance, disreputable companies filter themselves out and don’t use our system in the first place because they know they will never be paid unless they improve your score because of our escrow payment system.

You can report any concerns to Credzu, and we will investigate the issue to ensure compliance with all consumer protection laws. Send a report to info@credzu.com

Credzu adheres to strict privacy policies and complies with the GLBA to protect your personal financial information from unauthorized access and misuse.

Secure Your Credit Repair Today

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