If you need credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

The only way to ensure you get what you pay for is through escrow. Escrow allows you to hire credit repair providers safely. We’re the first and only platform offering this service.

Don’t Trust Credit Repair? Neither Did We.

The credit repair industry is rife with scams and fraudulent behavior. Consumers often fall victim without knowing if a company is legitimate. In response, the government implemented regulations to protect you from unscrupulous practices.

Ongoing Abuse

Despite these regulations, abuse persists because many consumers are unaware of the restrictions on credit repair providers.


There’s a vast amount of misinformation circulating online, making it hard to discern the truth.

Life Before Escrow

Few Safeguards

Bad behavior was often punished too late, after the damage was done. Most scammers weren’t caught or reported.

Complex Consumer Rights

Understanding your rights required a lot of research and knowledge, making it hard to protect yourself.

Lack of Transparency

It was difficult to know exactly what you were paying for and to ensure you got what was promised, especially in credit repair.

Unreliable Promises

Even honest providers could overpromise. It was hard to tell who could actually deliver results and who was just making false claims.

Our Escrow Platform Solves These Issues

Our innovative escrow platform eliminates many forms of fraud by requiring written communication and legally compliant contracts. Trained escrow agents monitor transactions to ensure compliance with consumer protection laws and ensure companies only get paid if they fulfill their agreements.

Prevent Scams

We verify funds before any work begins, eliminating IOUs, chargebacks, and refund fraud.

Mutual Protection

Individuals and companies use our escrow platform to safeguard themselves from potential risks.

Results Focused

Providers must deliver results to get paid, incentivizing positive and productive outcomes.

Compatible Services

Credzu hosts various credit service providers, making it easy to find the specific service you need.

Vetted Providers

Join our network of quality providers with a proven track record of upholding their promises.

Full Transparency

Our platform keeps all parties on task and informed, preventing stagnation. Everything is centralized in one place.

Why Choose Us

Protect Yourself and Your Money

Using escrow is the only way to truly safeguard yourself when hiring any credit repair service, preventing potential scams and fraudulent behavior.

Rely on Our Expertise

Our agents act as your fiduciary during the service process, allowing you to depend on our knowledge and experience without becoming an expert yourself.

Streamline the Process

Partnering with us makes hiring a credit repair company highly efficient, saving you time and effort.

No Risks, Hassles, Fees, or Memberships

Our services are completely free for consumers. You only pay the credit repair providers if and when they fulfill the terms of their written agreement.

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Credzu’s services are always free to credit repair customers.

Clients pay companies that perform credit-related services, not us.

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