If you provide credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

Using escrow is the only way to ensure you get paid for your work while staying compliant with complex industry regulations, significantly reducing your risk as a provider.

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The Credit Repair Industry Under Siege

The credit repair industry faces challenges from both sides: unscrupulous individuals exploiting consumers and the FTC and CFPB working to shut down fraudulent practices

Caught in the Middle

Confidence in the credit repair industry has plummeted. Many people who need these services are deterred by the negative stigma.

Increased Scrutiny

In response to numerous complaints, the FTC is intensifying its focus on non-compliant credit repair providers, enforcing regulations such as:

  • Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA)
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR)
  • “Section 5” of the FTC Act

Life before escrow.

Before Escrow: The Challenges

Delayed Corrections

Decades of consumer harm led to the FTC implementing stringent regulations, making compliance nearly impossible, even for those with honest intentions.

Compliance Challenges

Numerous legal restrictions affect anyone offering financial hardship services, such as credit repair, debt settlement, and tradelines.

Widespread Restrictions

Vague and confusing regulations can hinder your business’s success, creating unnecessary obstacles.

Severe Penalties

Credit repair service providers face millions of dollars in fines annually for non-compliance.

Protect Your Business from Fines and Chargebacks

Our escrow platform ensures you get paid for your work by verifying consumer funds before any work begins, eliminating IOUs, chargebacks, and refund fraud.

Our escrow agents monitor communications to ensure regulatory compliance, preventing even minor infractions. Together, we create a safer environment for everyone.

Enhance Your Business and Grow

By partnering with our platform, your business gains access to potential leads securely. The protection we offer is valued by both companies and consumers, ensuring trust and reliability. As a result, we frequently receive leads, which we distribute among our network partners.

Scam Prevention

Scammers avoid our platform because it guarantees they will be exposed, removing any incentive for them to use it.

Payment Processing

We act as your billing department, managing fund exchanges throughout the client’s life cycle.

Reduce Overhead

We lower your overhead, eliminate merchant fees, and boost productivity during client onboarding.

Reduce Liability

Protect confidential client data within our secure network, eliminating the need for document storage.

Save Time

Our agents handle document collection, including identification, proof of address, and credit reports.

Verify Clients

We offer secure client verification, including bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

Why Partner with Us

Stay Current with Industry Trends

Benefit from our insider perspective. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we share this feedback to help you improve your business offerings.

Build Customer Trust

Show your customers you’re committed to following laws designed to protect them.

Protect Your Business

Escrow is the best way to safeguard yourself, your business, and your customers. Without it, you’re vulnerable.

No Membership or Enrollment Fees

Sign up for Credzu without any cost. You only pay when money is processed, just like a merchant account.

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No membership or enrollment fees.

There’s no reason not to sign up for Credzu. There is only a payment processing fee if and when the money transfers through escrow.

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