If you recommend credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

Are you a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or financial advisor who depends on your clients’ creditworthiness? Credzu offers a safe and reliable platform for your clients to connect with qualified credit repair providers.

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You don’t need more leads – you need more qualified leads.

From time to time, you may encounter clients with credit issues that hinder them from utilizing your services. Instead of turning away potential business, wouldn’t it be better to offer solutions that can improve their creditworthiness, thereby boosting your revenue as well?

Credit repair can be fraught with risks and unreliability.

Staying compliant with federal consumer protection laws is challenging for credit repair organizations, making it even harder to find a dependable provider.

Third parties are vulnerable to risks.

If a credit repair organization engages in fraudulent behavior, it can create legal liabilities not only for themselves but also for others involved, including you.

Life before escrow.

Before Escrow: The Challenges

Lost Leads from Unqualified Prospects

When your business relies on a third party’s creditworthiness, unqualified leads often mean lost opportunities. You could be missing out on numerous deals.

Complex Matching Process

Connecting clients with suitable services was challenging and required specific industry knowledge that most people lack.

Ineffective DIY Credit Repair

Expecting clients to handle their own credit repair is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee they will return to you after resolving their issues.

Legal Risks in Credit Repair Referrals

The industry is burdened with vague and obscure regulations, which can expose third parties like you to significant legal risks.

We return qualified leads

Delivering Qualified Leads

By partnering with our platform, your business gains access to potential leads safely and securely. Our protection measures are highly valued by both companies and consumers, ensuring a trustworthy experience for all parties. As a result, we attract numerous leads, which we distribute among our network partners.

Legal protection.

Credzu protects third-parties from expsoure to confusing industry regulations and the repercussions

Compatible Services

We provide access to a network of fair, honest, and reliable service providers, all in one convenient platform.

Industry Compliance

Our escrow agents oversee all communications between consumers and providers to ensure fairness and compliance.

Automated Notifications

Interact as needed or wait for our updates when the process is complete.

Written Agreements

All client agreements are in writing, with funds protected in escrow until terms are fulfilled.

Establish Relationships

Our platform streamlines status checks, keeping you effortlessly connected to your clients.

Why Refer to Us

Offer Meaningful Options

Being denied credit can be discouraging. Referring clients to trustworthy credit repair services can provide them with valuable options.

Ensure Protection

Shield yourself and your customers from financial risks. Without escrow, you can’t be certain that the credit repair companies you refer to are legally compliant.

Simplify the Process

You can easily track your clients’ progress as they interact with the credit repair company and receive updates without extra obligations.

Enjoy Free Service

Credzu is completely free for you and your clients. Payment is only collected from the credit repair company if and when transactions occur.

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No more lost deals.

By connecting your clients to Credzu, we get them connected to qualified help and then send them back to you.

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