How much does credit repair cost? $5.00 per point per bureau.

Credzu has revolutionized how credit repair companies charge consumers: We place and protect consumer funds in escrow and pay the credit repair company on your behalf from escrowed funds only if and when credit scores improve.

If your score increases by

points, you will pay $


When you hire credit repair companies through the Credzu platform, you will save approximately $150.00 on credit reports. You will pay only $12.00 for a three-bureau report with scores every 45 days (rather than $30.00 every 30 days).

All credit repair companies using the Credzu platform have the same billing model: You pay $5.00 every time your credit repair company increases your credit score by one point on any bureau. It’s that simple and that fair.

From payment protection to credit repair company recommendations, Credzu’s suite of consumer protection features is completely free to consumers. Consumers are responsible for paying their credit repair companies and for their credit reports, but not Credzu.

Compare “pay-per-point” to other credit repair pricing models.

The “point” in the pay-per-point model is fairness. Many pricing models exist in the credit repair space, but not all are designed with fairness in mind. Let’s compare for context.

Pay Per Point

A fee paid only when your credit score improves.


You think you’re paying for improvement.


That’s exactly what you’re doing.

Flat Fee

A single fee for the entire credit repair service.


You think you’re paying a flat fee for improved credit reports and scores.


You often pay in full but do not receive the results you expected.

Monthly Fee

A fee paid each month during credit repair services.


You think “small” monthly fees save you money for gradual credit improvements.


Monthly credit repair fees incentivize dragging out the process for more profit.

Pay Per Delete

A fee paid when a negative item is deleted.


You believe this performance-based service is safe and effective for credit improvement.


Deleting everything can sometimes negatively impact your credit.

How credit repair escrow payments work.

How do we ensure credit repair companies aren’t paid before improving your credit score? Escrow.

Escrow Deposit

You enter into an agreement with any credit repair company and you fund your escrow account at Credzu.

  • Step 01.

Verify Improvement

Your credit repair company performs services for you and we verify whether your credit score improved.

  • Step 02.

Escrow Withdraw

We pay your company from escrow for amounts earned and return remaining funds to you.

  • Step 03.


This innovative credit repair pricing and billing model raises many questions. Here are some answers.

How much does credit repair cost?

Unlike every other credit repair fee in the country, a pay per-point model adds certainty; You will pay $5.00 per point per bureau and never more than $999.00, including credit report fees.

No credit repair company can answer that question. We can’t either. However, that’s not the point. The point is that a lot of credit repair companies represent score improvement, charge you, and then the score improvement never comes. We prevent that. You will only pay your credit pair company only if and when your score improves.

Think of escrow as a vault for credit repair payments with a guard at the door of the vault. Your money goes in and your credit repair company is paid from the money in the vault by the guard only if a condition is met. That condition is that your credit score improves.

You will pay for any credit score improvement. You are not hiring a “loan approval” company, you are hiring a “credit repair” company. If they promise to improve your score for a fee and you promise to pay them if they improve your score, then you are obligated to pay them.

The reason that we request $999.00 in escrow is that we forced credit repair companies to accept a cap on their fees. So, your credit repair costs will never exceed $999.00 even if they improve your score hundreds of points per bureau. You can learn the reasoning behind this in our white paper.

There is only one method of payment for escrow deposits; you will link your bank account to Credzu and we will withdraw the escrow deposit from your bank via ACH transaction. This is similar to Zelle, Cash App, etc.

The alternative escrow deposit allows you to break down the escrow deposit into 3 monthly payments of $333.00. Either the entire amount of escrow or the first monthly installment is required to begin.

White Paper on Credit Repair Costs.

Credzu invested significant time, effort, and financial resources (including legal expenses) to develop the “pay per point” model.

Read More

Hire a credit expert for as little as $5.00

With a pay per point model, you have nothing to lose. If your score goes up, you pay $5.00 per point per bureau . If it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

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