Credzu makes safe.

We hold people’s money in escrow and pay companies only if they perform. No more scams. No more chargebacks.

If you need credit repair (or any other credit-related service such as authorized user tradelines or debt settlement), you can hire companies through Credzu and protect yourself at the same time. Your risk of being ripped off or scammed is over, because we protect your money in escrow. See how it works, below.

You hire a company right inside of Credzu. That company will review your file, answer your questions, and put their promises in writing. Credzu demands 100% transparency and everything must be in writing at first – no pushy sales tactics over the phone to rush you through a contract.

Once you’re ready and make your payment, your money is held in a secure escrow account with Credzu away from the company you hire while they get to work.

Once the company you hired has provided services, they must certify they’ve performed the work as agreed in order to get paid. Otherwise, you receive a refund.

If you are a credit repair company and are serious about legal compliance and protecting your business from regulatory exposure, Credzu is the safest way to operate. We provide a third party escrow platform with a focus on compliance (including the CROA and TSR) and consumer protection. Also, Credzu is a hub for clients interested in safe credit repair who can hire you directly through the system. See how it works, below.

Clients can hire you directly through Credzu or they can sign up for services using a form on your website that brings you both into Credzu to transact.

A Credzu escrow agent assigned to you will collect documents from the client including credit reports for review and the information necessary for you to communicate on their behalf.

At first, everything is in writing using the Credzu platform to ensure complete transparency, including your answers to their questions and your service terms. Once the client has agreed to the terms, you have the option to set up an introduction call.

As a company, you do not exchange money with the client. Credzu will secure the client’s money in an escrow account while you perform services.

Once you have performed the services according to your agreement with the client, you’ll request disbursement. No more chasing down clients for money after you’ve done the work. It’s simple – do the work, get paid. That’s it!

If you need credit repair, you can hire companies through Credzu and protect yourself at the same time. Your risk of being ripped off or scammed is over, because we protect your money in escrow. See how it works, below.

Using your Credzu Partner account, you’ll login and add your client’s basic information. Credzu will email them a link where they can login. Once they login, they can get answers to their questions and hire a credit repair company. Credzu will secure their money in escrow and only release it to the company they hire if that company certifies that they have followed through on their promises.

As a partner in Credzu, you are able to follow along with your client’s progress. You’re attached to your client throughout the process in the Credzu system, so you maintain your relationship.

Credzu partners receive updates on their clients so they know things are progressing and when the client is ready to do business.

Always free!

Consumers pay companies that perform credit-related services, not us.

Who benefits from Credzu?

Some need credit services. Some provide credit services.
Credzu provides a safe platform for everyone.


We offer a comprehensive market platform from which you can choose the best-suited, best-rated service to meet your needs. Most importantly, we administer an escrow service that safeguards your payment until the company you hire fulfills their promises. Click below to learn more and get started


As you may know, credit-related services are highly regulated. Our service and platform can drastically reduce your regulatory exposure, secure consumer confidence in your services, and considerably increase the number of clients who pay for your services. Click below to find out more and get started.


Real Estate? Mortgage? Car Dealer? If you sell a product or service where compatible credit is key, we connect your consumers with the services they need to help you complete your sales or service objective, all the while safeguarding their investment with our escrow service. We also keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

What is Credzu?

Credzu is an unbiased, third-party company that stands between consumers and service providers in the credit repair and debt settlement industries to ensure consumers get what they pay for and service providers get paid for the services they perform.

The technical name for our service is “escrow,” which is defined as “placing money in the control of an independent and licensed third party to protect both the buyer and seller in a transaction.”

Money is held away from both the buyer and seller of the services so funds are not vulnerable to fraudulent behavior. Funds are only dispersed if services are performed as agreed.

Anyone looking to hire credit or debt service providers, anyone that provides credit or debt services, and anyone who sells a product or service that relies on a consumer’s creditworthiness should use Credzu.

Credzu is completely and totally free for consumers and partners. Consumers pay the service provider they hire through our platform, and service providers pay Credzu a fee if and when the money moves into their account.

Credzu uses state-of-the-art billing methods, which allow us to “link” bank accounts. No credit or debit cards are needed, and no issues with bounced checks.

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