We protect credit repair transactions.

We protect consumers and credit professionals by placing money in escrow until services are complete.

What people say about Credzu

From consumers, to service providers to partners, our users benefit from the Credzu platform as much as they enjoy it.

Credzu is instrumental in getting loans closed. If my clients hit bumps in the road in their credit, I instantly send them to Credzu. Credzu returns them mortgage ready. They have many different companies listed so no matter my clients needs, the service is there. I need results, that’s why I trust Credzu. Thanks guys!

Valentina Naumenko
Mila Realty

Credzu is the only place I trust to send clients who need some sort of credit repair or debt solutions. Because of their escrow platform, I know my clients will not be harmed by some fly-by-night.

Carl Fischer

Getting access to the credit I needed in order to realize my goals was a daunting process. There are a ton of false fronts out there. Credzu is the real deal. Robert and Zach were straightforward, easy to reach, and available throughout the duration of the process. Not just a “once and done” operation. They seem
To invest as much in your goals as you have yourself.

Lucas Reilly
Program Manager

Absolutely incredible experience. While handling my mom’s affairs they were extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I was able to get my mom back on track in no time. I’m really grateful for having their expertise on my side. Tons of time and money saved. A+

Jenn Albers
Health Coach

I was the first credit repair company in Credzu and I am so excited to be a part of it. Not only do I benefit from the platform, but my clients do too. Credzu saves time and energy from document collection to processing payments. Thank you!

Frank Williams

Understanding your credit report alone can be hard and it can be even harder to find professionals who can help you consolidate your debt and move toward a better financial future. Credzu has gathered some of the top professionals and it really takes away a lot of the stress involved in the process. I’d highly recommend working with them.

Dan Sackett
Software Developer
01 / 05

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