We derisk credit repair services.

Funds deposited with Credzu are paid to credit repair companies only after they improve credit scores, ensuring fairness, accountability, and trust.

Step 1

Find the Right Company

Bring your own company or use Credzu’s AI to find a qualified one.

Step 2

Get Promises in Writing

Transparent and fair contracts hold credit repair companies accountable.

Step 3

Refundable Escrow Deposit

Funds deposited in escrow are consumer-owned until companies earn them.

Step 4

Frequent Progress Updates

Credit repair companies perform services and update progress on Credzu.

Step 5

Results are Verified

Credzu verifies the credit repair company’s results before payment.

Step 6

Payment or Refund

Successful companies get paid; unearned funds are refunded.

Why Choose Credzu?

Credzu provides a secure platform for consumers, aims to ensure compliance for credit repair companies, and strives to protect referral partners from scams, leading to improved credit outcomes.

Our chat interface allows consumers, credit repair companies, and escrow agents to interact in real-time. You can share files, sign agreements, and hold video conferences all in one place.

Direct Access to Credit Reports

Access your credit reports directly within the platform, saving you the hassle of using third-party sites and reducing costs.

Integrated Video Calls

Use our built-in video feature to communicate directly within the platform, avoiding the need for external calls or texts.

Easy Contract Signing

Sign contracts within the platform, making the process smooth and convenient for everyone involved.

Funds are held in escrow until credit repair services are completed, aiming to ensure secure and compliant transactions.

Protected Fund Storage

Consumer funds are stored in a protected account managed by Credzu, not directly by the credit repair company.

Control Over Funds

Consumers retain ownership of funds in escrow, intending to make payments only after services are successfully performed.

Fast Refunds

Unearned funds are promptly returned to consumers, whether after canceling services or upon completion.

Credit repair companies are compensated based on credit score improvements, with a payment structure of $5 per point increase per credit bureau.

Transparent Fee Structure

We prohibit billing models like monthly fees, pay-for-deletion, or flat fees, as they do not prioritize consumer interests.

Fair Pricing

Our research shows that $5.00 per point per bureau is the most consumer-friendly and effective payment structure based on average costs, results, and durations.

Regular Credit Score Monitoring

Credit scores are checked every 45 days, with payments to credit repair companies based solely on score improvements.

” Understanding your credit report alone can be hard, and it can be even harder to find professionals to help you consolidate your debt and move toward a better financial future. Credzu has gathered some of the top professionals, and it really takes away a lot of the stress involved in the process. I’d highly recommend working with them. “

– Dean T. Developer

” Absolutely incredible experience. While handling my mom’s affairs, they were extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I was able to get my mom back on track in no time. I’m really grateful for having their expertise on my side. Tons of time and money saved. A+ “

– Jen A. Wellness Coach

” Getting access to the credit I needed in order to realize my goals was a daunting process. There are a ton of false fronts out there. Credzu is the real deal. Robert and Zach were straightforward, easy to reach, and available throughout the duration of the process. Not just a “once and done operation. They seem To invest as much in your goals as you have yourself. “

– Lucas R. PMP, MBA

” Credzu is an awesome innovation that brings fintech concepts to credit services. Consumers need protection from scams, and companies need protection from regulation. Credzu covers both with escrow. We comfortably rely on Credzu to make sure things get done correctly. “

– Carl F. Investor

” I was the first credit repair company in Credzu and I am so excited to be a part of it. Not only do I benefit from the platform, but my clients do too. Credzu saves time and energy from document collection to processing payments. Thank you! “

– Frank W.

” Credzu is instrumental in getting loans closed. If my clients hit bumps in the road in their credit, I instantly send them to Credzu. Credzu returns them mortgage ready. They have many different companies listed so no matter my clients needs, the service is there. I need results, that’s why I trust Credzu. Thanks guys! “

– Valentina N. PhD

” Credzu is an excellent company to work with. Their staff is excellent and their platform is easy to use. “

– Colleen J. Business Owner

Credzu is a consumer protection platform for the credit repair industry. It helps consumers avoid scam artists and forces credit repair organizations to operate honestly. We do this – primarily – by putting money in escrow and releasing it to companies only if and when they perform as agreed.

We place consumer funds in escrow and pay $5.00 per point per bureau when a credit repair company increases that consumer’s credit score. So, this creates an incentive for the company only to take on clients that they genuinely believe they can help. Otherwise, they know that they’d never get paid.

Credzu is a platform that any consumer or company can use to make safe credit repair transactions. A consumer can invite their own company, and a company can invite their consumer. Also, consumers can connect with Credzu’s network of companies, and companies can connect with consumers who organically sign up on Credzu’s website.

Not only is credit repair legal, but laws (such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act) make it possible. However, that doesn’t mean all credit repair “techniques” are legal. There are all sorts of fraudulent activities in the credit repair space. Speaking of legal compliance, though… Credzu forces credit repair organizations to comply with federal and state laws and rules.

If you asked 100 different credit repair companies, you’d probably get 100 different answers. There are flat fees, monthly fees, pay for deletion fees, etc. At Credzu, we unified the market to adopt one simple, consumer-focused model: Pay for points. All credit repair companies in Credzu charge $5.00 per point per bureau. This makes it easy to understand and avoids all sorts of problems.

Not only can they not guarantee a particular outcome, but it’s technically illegal to do so (it could violate the Credit Repair Organizations Act or the FTC Act). However, when you hire a credit repair company through Credzu, the entire fee is contingent upon performance. While they can’t guarantee an outcome, they can guarantee that you will only pay if your score improves.

No one can answer that question in a general sense because no two people are the same, and neither is their credit nor their path to credit improvement. However, we can tell you that we conducted a study, and the results suggest that credit repair takes approximately 4 to 6 months. We’d also respectfully suggest if it takes longer than that… there’s a problem with the company you hired.

As an escrow company, we want to avoid disputes, so we created a platform where disputes are extremely unlikely. For example, your credit score will go up or not; if it does, your company gets paid, and if it doesn’t, your company doesn’t get paid. Despite this clarity, if disputes arise, we will try to handle them, and if we cannot do so, we will refer the conflict to mediation.


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