We protect buyers and sellers of credit repair services.

We hold consumer funds in escrow and pay credit repair companies only if and when the consumer’s credit score is improved.

  • Hire experts
  • Avoid scams
  • Contingecy fees

Promises upfront, in writing.

Credzu streamlined the process for consumers and credit repair companies to sign agreements to outline expectations and ensure all parties are on the same page.

  • Easy digital signatures for agreements.
  • Federal and State cancellation forms and disclosures.
  • Terms for payment are enforced by Credzu.

Fund your escrow account.

You will place funds in your escrow account at Credzu which will be used to pay your credit repair company. You own all money in your escrow until services are performed as agreed.

  • Your money is FDIC-insured.
  • Credit repair companies cannot access your funds.
  • You can access your escrow account at Credzu.

Verified credit improvement.

By accessing credit reports within Credzu, we can verify the performance of your credit repair company and improvements to your credit scores.

  • Updated reports and scores every 45 days.
  • Three bureau credit repots and vantage scores.
  • No third-party sites or expensive pricing.

Payment or refund.

We will pay your credit repair company from your escrow account only if your score goes up. Either your company will improve your score and get paid, or you will get a refund.

  • The world’s first pay-per-point model.
  • $5.00 per point per bureau.
  • Never more than $999.99.

Results-focused features:

This platform was designed for consumers and focuses on making their life easy and safe when they interact with credit repair companies.

  • 3B Credit Reports
  • Vantage Credit Scores
  • Payment Protection
  • Chat Collaboration
  • 300+ Credit Experts
  • Helpful Resources
  • 3B Credit Reports
  • Vantage Credit Scores
  • Payment Protection
  • Chat Collaboration
  • 300+ Credit Experts
  • Helpful Resources

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Learn more:

Credzu is a consumer protection platform for the credit repair industry. It helps consumers avoid scam artists and forces credit repair organizations to operate honestly. We do this – primarily – by putting money in escrow and releasing it to companies only if and when they perform as agreed.

We place consumer funds in escrow and pay $5.00 per point per bureau when a credit repair company increases that consumer’s credit score. So, this creates an incentive for the company only to take on clients that they genuinely believe they can help. Otherwise, they know that they’d never get paid.

Credzu is a platform that any consumer or company can use to make safe credit repair transactions. A consumer can invite their own company, and a company can invite their consumer. Also, consumers can connect with Credzu’s network of companies, and companies can connect with consumers who organically sign up on Credzu’s website.

Not only is credit repair legal, but laws (such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act) make it possible. However, that doesn’t mean all credit repair “techniques” are legal. There are all sorts of fraudulent activities in the credit repair space. Speaking of legal compliance, though… Credzu forces credit repair organizations to comply with federal and state laws and rules.

If you asked 100 different credit repair companies, you’d probably get 100 different answers. There are flat fees, monthly fees, pay for deletion fees, etc. At Credzu, we unified the market to adopt one simple, consumer-focused model: Pay for points. All credit repair companies in Credzu charge $5.00 per point per bureau. This makes it easy to understand and avoids all sorts of problems.

Not only can they not guarantee a particular outcome, but it’s technically illegal to do so (it could violate the Credit Repair Organizations Act or the FTC Act). However, when you hire a credit repair company through Credzu, the entire fee is contingent upon performance. While they can’t guarantee an outcome, they can guarantee that you will only pay if your score improves.

No one can answer that question in a general sense because no two people are the same, and neither is their credit nor their path to credit improvement. However, we can tell you that we conducted a study, and the results suggest that credit repair takes approximately 4 to 6 months. We’d also respectfully suggest if it takes longer than that… there’s a problem with the company you hired.

As an escrow company, we want to avoid disputes, so we created a platform where disputes are extremely unlikely. For example, your credit score will go up or not; if it does, your company gets paid, and if it doesn’t, your company doesn’t get paid. Despite this clarity, if disputes arise, we will try to handle them, and if we cannot do so, we will refer the conflict to mediation.


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