Terms of Use

This document explains the rules that ensure the smooth operation of our marketplace. We call these rules our “Terms of Use.” When we say “we,” we mean the company, Credzu, LLC, and its website, credzu.com

These rules explain how we want you to act when using Credzu. They apply whether you’ve signed up as a user or just visited our site without signing up.

Please read these rules carefully: by using our site, you’re saying you’ll follow them.

1. Third-party content

You are not allowed to use our intellectual property (1.3), but you can share your own stuff on Credzu. You are in charge of what you post (1.4), and we are not responsible for what other users post (1.5). Please inform us if you believe someone is using your copyrighted material (1.6).

1.1 Site Use

In simple terms, we’re allowing you to use our website and services, but there are some conditions to keep in mind.

You can access our website and services (called “the services”). However, this access is limited, meaning you must follow our Terms of Use and all other rules that apply to you.

While we’ll try to keep our services safe and functioning correctly, we can’t promise uninterrupted access. We might remove certain features or discontinue the services without giving you advance notice.

1.2 Use Termination

We reserve the right to revoke your access to our services anytime.

If you break our Terms of Use or any other part of our Terms of Service (or any law or rule), we can remove your access to Credzu. If this occurs, we will notify you, and you must cease using our services immediately.

1.3 Our Property

Just because you’re using our services doesn’t give you the right to use our trademarks or other intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents. Even though you’re using our services, we still own all these rights.

Our logos and names are special symbols representing us and are legally protected in certain places. Any other names, logos, or symbols you see on Credzu might be owned by our partners or users like yourself.

1.4 Content Sharing

Rules for sharing content at Credzu are outlined below.

1.4.1 Your Responsibility

When you post content on our site or provide content for posting, you accept full responsibility for it, and we don’t share that responsibility with you. You agree to compensate us (including covering our legal expenses) if your use of our website causes us damages.

You also agree to only post or provide content that:

  • You have the right to share
  • Is lawful
  • Doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, including intellectual property rights.

You understand and agree that whoever posts content is responsible for any harm caused by that content, not Credzu. You also agree to hold us harmless from any damages or loss you experience caused by content posted by others.

1.4.2 Your Rights

When you share content on our site, you’re giving us and our partners a permanent right to use, edit, and share that content worldwide without having to pay you. If your name, voice, or image is in the content you post, we might also use those in our business activities or on the site itself. For example, if you’re a credit repair company, we might show your profile or answers or comments you posted to others.

You’re also giving every user and visitor to the site the right to access and use your content. They can also use, copy, and share your content if they do it on the site and follow our rules and the law.

1.4.3 Your Ideas

You can give us feedback and ideas on how to improve our services. By doing this, you’re saying that your ideas are freely given and that you don’t expect anything in return unless we specifically ask for your ideas and offer something in return. If we do offer something for your idea, your expectations shall not be more than what was offered.

Otherwise, you understand that we can use, modify, and share your idea however you want without owing you anything for it. If you send us an idea, you also agree that it doesn’t stop us from using similar or related ideas, even ones we already have or get from other people.

1.5 Third Parties

Third parties are also accountable for what they post or link on Credzu.

We’re not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of content shared by third parties on our website unless they’re officially working for us when they share or post it and are authorized to post it on our behalf. The views expressed in any content belong to the person who shared it, not Credzu.

Our site may also include links or access to third-party websites and applications. These are owned and operated by others, not Credzu. Just because we include a link or application to a third-party website doesn’t mean we endorse it.

1.6 Copyright

If you believe something on our site uses your rights without permission, you can request it be taken down.

We’re dedicated to obeying U.S. copyright laws and expect all visitors and users to do the same. This means you can’t use our site to save or share anything that violates someone’s intellectual property rights, including U.S. copyright laws.

If you own a copyrighted work and believe it’s being used without permission on our site, you can ask us to remove it under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Email us at info@credzu.com to report any such abuses. 

2. Permission

Our site and services are designed to protect buyers and sellers of credit repair services. We created our marketplace to help users connect, build working relationships with one another, and handle payments for that work.

You can also use some of our services to access information we believe could be helpful and interesting, such as our Credzu blog, discussion forum, and other informative areas on our site. We don’t promise that all the information on our site is perfect, so don’t rely on it for tax or legal advice. Always verify the information yourself.

3. Prohibition

Some things are not allowed on the site, such as:

  • Posting inappropriate content (3.1)
  • Behaving misleadingly or fraudulently (3.2)
  • Mistreating others (3.3)
  • Misusing our feedback system (3.4)
  • Other actions that are not permitted (3.5)

Simply put, you can’t use our services to do anything illegal, fraudulent, or harmful or to encourage others to do so. If you’re unsure whether something is allowed, don’t assume it is. Reach out to us to double-check.

3.1 Unacceptable Activity

You can’t offer, share, support, or look for anything that:

  • Is illegal or harms someone’s reputation.
  • Is violent, discriminatory, or harassing, either generally or toward a specific person or group, including protected groups.
  • Is sexually explicit or related to sex work or escort services.
  • Involves child exploitation in any way.
  • Would violate someone’s intellectual property rights, like copyrights.
  • Would break our rules, state or federal laws, or the rules of another website or contract.
  • Includes buying or asking for fake reviews, or sharing misleading content intended to deceive others.

3.2 Fraud

On Credzu, you must always be truthful and not try to trick others. You can’t lie about yourself, your skills, your qualifications, or anyone else. This includes:

  • Making up experience, skills, or qualifications.
  • Using AI or other tools to accomplish things you promised to do on your own.
  • Pretending to be someone else or using their profile or picture.
  • Impersonating someone, even a Credzu representative.
  • Letting someone else use your account to mislead others.

We take fraud and dishonesty seriously, especially when it comes to payments. For example, sellers of credit repair services cannot cheat (or attempt to cheat) buyers of credit repair services by asking for payment for unperformed or illegally performed services. Also, buyers of credit repair services cannot cheat (or attempt to cheat) sellers of credit repair services by not paying for services performed or interfering with the performance to avoid payment. 

3.3 Unfairness

Everyone must be treated fairly and legally on Credzu. You can’t use Credzu to:

  • Discriminate against someone.
  • Encourage violence.
  • Share personal information or other private data about someone without permission.
  • Contact them without permission.
  • Ask for unearned payments.
  • Demand free work.
  • Offer or ask for illegal services.

3.4 Abuse

You have to use our feedback system truthfully and fairly. That means you can’t:

  • Hold back payment or work until you get good feedback.
  • Trade payment or anything valuable for feedback, even with others.
  • Force another user by saying you’ll give them bad feedback.
  • Use the system to talk about things that aren’t related, like politics or religion.
  • Offer or accept fake services to boost your rating score.

3.5 Other

Credzu relies on technology and trust; here’s how we keep them strong.

  • You can’t share or give away your account, have more than one account, sell, trade, or give your account to anyone without our permission.
  • You can’t bypass us. Specifically, you can’t talk to another user or share contact information, or communicate with another user outside of Credzu before agreeing to a service contract. For example, you can’t put your contact details in your profile, messages, or other content.
  • You can’t advertise other people’s organizations, websites, products, or services.
  • You’re not allowed to mess with our technology or how our site works. Here’s what that means:
    • You can’t circumvent our security measures.
    • You can’t mess with or harm our systems.
    • Without permission, you can’t use robots, spiders, scrapers, or similar tools on our site.
    • You can’t copy, share, or use any information you find on Credzu without our permission, even if you found it through search engines.
    • You can’t collect or use people’s personal information, like their account names.
    • You can’t flood the site with too much information.
    • You can’t put harmful code, viruses, or malware on our site.
    • You can’t use technology to access our services other than what we provide.
    • You can’t frame or link to our services without our written permission.
    • You can’t use our services to copy what we do, steal our users, or publish any performance reviews about the site.
    • You can’t try to figure out how our site works, change it or take its code.

4. Enforcement

If you break these rules, we might suspend your account and prevent you from using Credzu (4.1). Please tell us if you notice someone else breaking these rules (4.2).

4.1 Our Enforcement

We have the authority to investigate any potential rule violations, and we may decide to pause, modify, or remove any content on our site during this process.

We can’t promise to take action on every possible violation, but not acting on one breach doesn’t mean we can’t take action on future breaches, whether they’re related to the first one or not.

If we suspect you’re breaking the rules, we can stop you from using our site at any time. If we deactivate or close your account, you won’t be able to use any of our services. However, all of the rules still apply, even if you break them (including the permissions you granted us by agreeing to the terms and using our site prior to breaking the rules).

4.2 Your Enforcement

If you notice someone breaking our Terms of Use, please tell our customer service team by emailing info@credzu.com.

If we look into the violation, you agree to assist with our investigation and take reasonable steps to help us solve the issue.

5. Definitions

A buyer of credit repair services is someone using our site to find a seller of credit repair services.

A deep fake is a video or image that has been changed to replace one person with another in a deliberately misleading way, without asking the person whose face has been used.

A seller of credit repair services is an individual or agency using our site to offer their services to clients.

Credit repair services refer to the work sellers of credit repair services perform for buyers of credit repair services on Credzu.

Site services are all services, applications, and products – apart from credit repair services – such as blog articles and forum discussions that people can access through Credzu.

Content is what users post to Credzu themselves, like comments, profiles, feedback, images, or other information. It includes anything you posted, even if elements of the content were generated initially by generative AI or other tools or in response to questions posed by Credzu or other users.

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