If you provide credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

Escrow is the only way to reduce your risk as a provider by guaranteeing that you get paid for your work, while keeping you compliant with confusing industry regulations.


The credit repair industry is under attack.

The assault is coming from both sides - on one hand, from nefarious characters looking to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers - and on the other, from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) attempting to shut down these fraudulent practices. 

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Faith in the credit repair industry has been shaken to its core. Many people direly need these services, but have been turned off due to the negative stigma surrounding the industry.

No one is safe.

After an overwhelming number of complaints, the FTC is aggressively targeting credit repair providers who fail to comply with such regulations as:

  • Credit Repair Organization Act, or CROA
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule, or TSR
  • The seldom mentioned "Section 5" of the FTC Act


Life before escrow.

Correction was delayed.

After decades of consumer harm, the FTC implemented regulations so severe that compliance has been next to impossible, even for those with honest intentions.

Compliance was difficult.

There are numerous legal restrictions that bind anyone providing any service within the financial hardship space (i.e., credit repair, debt settlement, tradelines,etc...).

Restrictions hurt everyone.

Being able to successfully comply with these often vague and confusing restrictions can be an added unnecessary hindrance to your business’s success. 

Penalties are harsh.

Millions of dollars of fines are levied every year on credit repair service providers who fail to comply with these standards.

Our platform is built by experts in these regulations.

We have reverse engineered these laws to carry out the intention of the government to ensure safety for everyone.


Protect your business against fines and chargebacks.

Our escrow platform lowers your risk by guaranteeing that you get paid for the work you perform. We are able to verify consumer funds before any work is done - so no more IOUs, no more chargebacks, and no more refund fraud. Wouldn’t it be amazing to rest assured knowing that you never have to worry about getting paid for your work again?

Our escrow agents monitor communications between transacting parties to ensure the fairness that regulations demand. Even small infractions can slip through the cracks of the most well-meaning service provider, and we seek to protect your business by preventing any oversights like this from happening. Together, we can make a more safe world for everyone involved.

Did you know that any credit repair transactions made over the phone are subject to a six month delay in payment?

The TSR says that a credit repair company cannot collect payment until two things happen: 1.) six months elapse from the time you completed all the services you agreed to perform. 2.) You obtain a credit report showing that your work was performed as agreed.

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The TSR is actively being enforced by the FTC.

To prevent infractions, we eliminated phone calls. All communication is done through an automated notification system between you, your customers, and our escrow agents.


Enhance your business and grow.

By connecting with our platform, your business becomes connected to potential leads in a safe way. The protection that we’re providing for companies is also recognized by consumers as equally valuable because they know they won't get ripped off when they use our service.  For that reason, we frequently have leads that come to us and we divide them up among our network.

Prevent scams.

We verify funds before any work is done - no more IOUs, no more chargebacks, and no more refund fraud.

Payment processing.

We become your billing department. We handle the exchange of funds throughout the life cycle of the client.

Reduce overhead.

We reduce your overhead, eliminate your merchant fees, and increase productivity with client onboarding.

Reduce liability.

Protect confidential client data within our secure network. No more need for document storage.

Save time.

Our agents collect documents such as identification, proof of address, credit reports, etc.

Verify clients.

We provide secure client verification, including bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC), etc.


Why you should partner with us.

Stay up-to-date with current industry trends.

We have a unique insider perspective, so we know what works and what doesn't. We share that feedback with you to enhance your business offerings.

Create more trust with your customers.

Communicate to your customers that you're serious about following the laws set up to protect them.

Protect your business.

Escrow is the only true way to protect yourself, your business, and your customers. You are critically vulnerable without it.

No membership or enrollment fees.

There’s no reason not to sign up for Credzu. You only pay when money is processed - just like a merchant account.


No membership or enrollment fees.

There’s no reason not to sign up for Credzu. There is only a payment processing fee if and when the money transfers through escrow.

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