Need better credit?

Never hire a credit repair company without Credzu.

Credzu is a revolutionary financial platform with an extensive network of legitimate credit repair companies.

How Credzu works:

We're a "referee" between you and credit companies, ensuring promises are fulfilled.

Some Credzu reviews:

Our fairness model is designed to make people happy!

Where can I learn more about Credzu?

Check out our timeline to learn about our history. You may also be interested in learning how we applied escrow to credit repair services. Ultimately, you'll want to read about our Fairness Model.

We've written about credit repair, debt settlement, tradelines, Metro2, FCRA lawsuits, and contribute to an ongoing blog about credit.

With Credzu, consumers do not pay companies up front. Funds are held in protected escrow. Now, only written promises are up front.

“For the first time in my career, I have a solution to offer all of my clients who need help with their credit in order to buy a home.”

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