Board of Advisors.

Credzu is guided by experts. In order to help the credit repair industry, we must listen to it. Composed of experts with a wide range of experience and expertise, our board of advisors has our attention. We are honored to be guided by such a wonderful group of humans.

Robert Sigman
Business Advisor

As a former military intelligence professional turned entrepreneur, Robert brings over a decade of industry experience to advise operations.

Cory Miller
Business Advisor

Cory brings over a decade of human resources and credit improvement experience to advise day-to-day operations.

Carl Fischer
Business Advisor

Graduating from Cornell in 1976, Carl brings 45 years of financial and business experience to advise on financial matters. 

Howard Weinstein
Real Estate Advisor

With nearly 30 years of leadership and training experience, Howard advises us on real estate and inspires us on culture.

Jay Silver, PhD
Technology Advisor

With degrees from Cambridge and MIT and decades of business ownership and inventions, Jay is a technology and creativity advisor. 

Joshua Porter, PA
Legal Advisor

With over a decade of legal practice and business counseling, Josh helps navigate Credzu through complex regulations. 

Matt Liistro
Credit Repair Advisor

With a quarter-century of credit repair experience, including software development, and convention organizing, Matt’s industry insight is invaluable.

Mark Clayborne
Credit Repair Advisor

With more than a decade of industry leadership, education, and software, Mark advises on training and best practices.

Phil Turner
Credit Repair Advisor

Approaching 40 years in the industry and leading an education-based trade organization, Phil advises on training and business development.

Lucas Reilly, PMP, MBA
Business Advisor

Lucas is a former military linguist turned certified Professional Project Manager with an MBA.

Specializing in securities laws and cryptocurrency, Sasha advises on money transmission regulations.

John Diel, Jr., EJD
Contract Advisor

With a law degree and significant experience in contract drafting, John advises on State law requirements.

Want to join our board?

If you have an interest in joining our board, and something to offer the industry, reach out to us.

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