For Consumers

Credzu protects you during credit-related transactions.

As someone who receives and benefits from credit related services (like credit repair, tradelines, debt settlement, etc.), you will want to use Credzu to protect your payments during that process. But, how does that work? Below we have broken down some of the features of Credzu so that you can see them in action.

From any page, click on “MY ACCOUNT” in the top right hand corner. Use your cell phone as a user name (simple!) and we will send you a code. Enter that code, and you’re in. From there, answer a few easy questions, and you’re established with Credzu! Great work!

Every single user at Credzu, including our staff, service providers, partners, and consumers, must have a valid profile. We use this information to verify identity to protect the users in our site from potential fraud and other issues that accompany unverifiable identities. We make it remarkably simple. Simply go to your profile, complete it, and save it. That is it!

At Credzu, it is exceptionally easy to share documents to and from consumers and service providers (or anyone for that matter). Each time a document is requested, the user is notified, and the specific document has an upload bottom. Simply follow the links, upload the documents, and it is done!

We allow users to link accounts with the same new technology other FinTech companies use (like Venmo and Zelle). You simply click the link account button and log in to your bank in order to link it. We store no billing information. The purpose is to authorize payments if and when you approve an escrow distribution.

The chat is where it all happens; it’s the magic sauce. Everyone can chat with full transparency, discuss services, share documents, sign agreements, request and approve payments, etc. Since we can see everything, too, and since we hold funds in escrow, we can hold everyone accountable.