Not a Credit Repair Company, a Credit Repair Marketplace

Credzu makes finding trustworthy credit repair services easier. Our secure, compliant platform connects you with reliable credit repair companies, protects you from risks, and ensures a transparent process, helping you navigate credit repair with confidence.

Real-time collaboration streamlines interactions.

Secure escrow services promote confident transactions.

Performance-based payments incentivize positive results.

Simplified communication with instant, direct updates.

Compliance framework creates risk-free transactions.

Professionals trust Credzu to send and receive referrals.

Credzu Platform Overview

Credzu provides a secure space for consumers, enforces compliance for credit repair companies, and shields referral partners from fraud, creating a trustworthy marketplace for credit repair services.

Integrated chat interface where consumers, credit repair companies, and escrow agents can interact instantly. Features include file sharing, signing agreements, and video conferencing.

Embedded Credit Reports.

You can access credit reports directly within the platform, eliminating the need for third-party sites and saving time and money.

In-Platform Contract Signing.

Easily sign contracts within the platform, streamlining the process and ensuring convenience for all parties involved.

Native Video Communication.

With our native video feature, you can communicate directly through the platform, avoiding disruptions from external calls or text messages.

Consumer funds are held in escrow until the credit repair service obligations are met. Ensures financial transactions are secure and compliant with legal standards.

Protected Account.

Consumer funds are deposited into a protected account managed by Credzu, not directly to the credit repair company.

Ownership of Funds.

Consumers retain ownership of funds in escrow throughout the process, ensuring that payments are only made once the credit repair company has successfully performed its services.

Refund of Unearned Funds.

Any funds that remain unearned, whether after canceling services or upon completion, are promptly returned to the consumer.

Credit repair companies are compensated based on the improvement of credit scores. The payment structure is: $5 per point increase per credit bureau.

Prohibited Billing Models.

We do not allow typical credit repair billing models such as monthly fees, pay for deletion, or flat fees, as they do not sufficiently prioritize consumer interests.

Rationale for Pricing.

Extensive research into average costs, results, and durations has determined that $5.00 per point per bureau is the most consumer-friendly and effective payment structure.

Regular Score Updates and Payments.

Credit scores are checked every 45 days, with compensation to credit repair companies based solely on the improvement of these scores.


Does the Credzu platform make credit repair faster?

While Credzu doesn’t directly repair credit, our platform facilitates faster communication and transaction processing between consumers and credit repair companies, which can expedite the overall process.

Credzu does not guarantee specific credit score results as outcomes depend on various factors including the consumer’s individual credit situation and the effectiveness of the credit repair company. However, our performance-based payment model incentivizes credit repair companies to strive for the best results.

Yes, consumers have the flexibility to select from various accredited credit repair companies listed on our platform, ensuring you find a service that best meets your needs. Or, you can bring your own credit repair company, provided they’re qualified by Credzu to use our platform.

If there are no improvements in your credit score, payments held in escrow are not released to the credit repair company until the agreed-upon results are achieved, offering an additional layer of protection for consumers. You could continue with services or withdrawal the money.

Credzu does not charge consumers for anything. However, Credzu charges the credit repair company a processing fee if and when there is an escrow disbursement to them based on them earning money from you escrow account.

Referral partners benefit by providing a reliable and secure service to their clients, enhancing their reputation and potentially increasing their business through successful credit repair outcomes.

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