Credit repair needed transparency. We delivered.

Our entire platform is based on a group chat where buyers and sellers of credit repair can transparently communicate and work together to achieve credit goals.

A team full of help on one page.

It requires significant coordination and cooperation to successfully repair credit. Credzu puts the required parties on the same page…literally.

If you need better credit, you’re not alone. Between bad credit, invisible credit, or unscorable credit, there are nearly 100,000,000 Americans who need a credit repair company. Credzu puts you in control of credit repair transactions by connecting you with qualified companies and protecting your money during the services.

If you provide credit repair, you’re one of nearly 40,000 individuals and companies. It can be challenging to keep clients informed. Credzu keeps everyone up-to-date with a chronological chat where everything happens. Staying organized with your clients is easy.

Credzu also partners with… partners. For example, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, etc. These partners send their credit-challenged clients to Credzu to be connected with qualified credit improvement specialists because they know that Credzu’s escrow platform will protect their clients.

One of the defining features of Credzu is third-party independence. What does this mean? It means that we have people who monitor transactions and who are unassociated with credit repair. They are impartial judges for the performance of the credit repair companies and make sure the clients

One location for everything.

Everyone in the Credzu platform can share documents and other information in a transparent and efficient manner.


Credzu literally puts everyone on the same page, helping buyers and sellers communicate in chat.


Buyers and sellers of credit repair services can easily share important documents with each other.


Credit repair agreements are extremely important. They can be signed by parties inside of Credzu.


Consumers have rights to certain information. Credzu forces credit repair companies to disclose it.

Credit Reports

Credit reports are necessary for credit repair. Credit makes it easy and inexpensive to access them.


Credit repair payments are usually up-front and risky. Credzu makes them safe and results-based.


In Credzu, Credit repair companies must prove that they increased credit scores in order to get paid.


Credit repair buyers are always asking for updates. Credzu makes the entire process transparent.

Credit repair payment protection?

When you hire a creditr repair company using the Credzu platform, you pay only if your score goes up.

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