If you recommend credit repair, you need escrow. Period.

Real estate agent? Mortgage broker? Financial advisor? Do you rely on your client’s creditworthiness? You need a safe place for them to connect with qualified credit solutions providers. Credzu is that place.

You don’t need more leads – you need more qualified leads.

Occasionally, you may run into customers with credit problems that prevent them from acquiring your services. However, no one likes to turn down potential business. Wouldn’t it be preferable to give your customers options that could increase their credit worthiness, all while increasing your revenue by doing so?

Credit repair can be risky and unreliable.

It is very difficult for credit repair organizations to stay compliant with federal consumer protection laws. It is even more difficult to find a reliable provider.

Third parties are susceptible.

If a credit repair organization behaves fraudulently, they create legal liability for themselves and potentially others, such as yourself.

Life before escrow.

Unqualified leads used to mean lost leads.

You may be missing out on a lot of deals if you provide a product or service that relies on a third party’s creditworthiness.

Matching clients to compatible services was complicated.

Finding credit solutions to common problems requires specific industry knowledge, which the everyday person does not possess.

DIY credit repair rarely produces adequate results.

Relying on clients to solve their own credit problems is timely and in no way guarantees that they will return to you once the process is complete.

Referring to credit repair meant dangerous legal exposure.

Vague and obscure regulations hobble the industry, and expose third-parties such as yourself to potential backlash.

We return leads qualified.

By connecting with our platform, your business becomes connected to potential leads in a safe way. The protection that we’re providing for companies is also recognized by consumers as equally valuable because they know they won’t get ripped off when they use our service. For that reason, we frequently have leads that come to us and we divide them up among our network.

Legal protection.

Credzu protects third-parties from expsoure to confusing industry regulations and the repercussions

Compatible services.

We offer a network with a variety of services of fair, honest, and reliable providers, all under one roof.

Industry compliance.

Our escrow agents monitor all communications between consumers and providers for fairness and compliance.

Automated notifications.

You can interact with the credit company and your client throughout the process, or you can wait for us to let you know when they’re done.

Written agreements.

When your client uses Credzu, all agreements are made in writing, and their money is protected in escrow until the terms of the written agreement are completed.

Establish relationships.

Checking on the status of things can be time-consuming, but our innovative platform removes a lot of those hassles and keeps you connected to your client.

Why you should refer to us.

Protect yourself and your customers from financial harm.

Without escrow, there is no way to know that the credit repair companies you refer to are legally compliant.

Provide meaningful solutions.

Being turned down for credit can be devastating to a client. Connecting them to reliable credit repair can give them hope.

Faster, more efficient results.

You have no obligations other than to sit back and watch your client interact with their company and receive updates.

No membership or enrollment fees.

Credzu is completely free to both you and your client. Payment is only collected from the credit repair company if and when money exchanges hands.

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No more lost deals.

By connecting your clients to Credzu, we get them connected to qualified help and then send them back to you.

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