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Florida Credit Repair Laws.

Florida currently has legislation pertaining to credit repair. These laws apply to the state that the consumer is located in, not the credit repair company. Keep this in mind if you plan on doing business out of state.

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Department of State

Department Overseeing Entity


Registration Requirements.

Some states require registration with the overseeing entity. There may also be municipal or county regulations regarding business licensing or permits depending on your location. Consult with your local government to determine licensing requirements. 

Registration required?


Fee for registration?


Additional fees?


Link to registration requirements?


Link to registration forms?



Bond Requirements.

Surety bonds are required in certain states in order to prove that the credit repair organization is operating in an ethical manner. The amount and requirements vary from state to state.

Bond required?

Bond is only required if credit repair organization plans to take payment from buyer before services rendered are complete.

Amount of bond required?


Link to bond submission application?


Attorneys exempt?


CPAs exempt?


Financial advisors exempt?


Mortage lenders/ Originators exempt?


Real estate agents exempt?


Non-profits exempt?


Non-profit exemption details, restrictions??

Credit service organization does not include : 4. Any nonprofit organization exempt from taxation under s.501(c ) (3) of the IRS Code.

To view full legal text, see below or click here for the most updated version.


817.7001 Definitions.As used in this part:

(b) “Credit service organization” does not include:

817.7005 Prohibited acts.A credit service organization, its salespersons, agents, and representatives, and independent contractors who sell or attempt to sell the services of a credit service organization shall not do any of the following:

817.703 Information statement.The information statement required under s. 817.702 shall include all of the following:

817.704 Provisions of contract.

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