Bring fairness to transactions through our revolutionary model.

Imagine if somebody created an environment through which buyers, sellers, and partners of credit services could interact in a fair platform, so that everyone benefits. That’s what Credzu is. We invite you to use our platform. Buyers need credit services; sellers provide those services; and our partners have clients who need credit services. Everyone can join.


Need credit services?

If you're looking to hire a credit-related service provider like a credit repair company, using Credzu's escrow platform protects your interest and funds until the company you hire fulfills their promises.

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Providing credit repair services?

As you may know, credit-related services are highly regulated. Our service and platform can drastically reduce your regulatory exposure, secure consumer confidence in your services, and considerably increase the number of clients who pay for your services.

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Need to connect your clients to credit repair?

Real Estate? Mortgage? Car Dealer? If you sell a product or service where compatible credit is key, we connect your consumers with the services they need to help you complete your sales or service objective, all the while safeguarding their investment with our escrow service.

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We invite the world to try our revolutionary fairness model.

Credzu has protected thousands of satisfied clients and businesses through our unique fairness model. We can protect you too. 

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