The consumer protection platform for credit repair.

Credzu prevents credit repair companies from getting paid until they improve your credit score.


How does Credzu make credit repair safe?

We act as a "referee" between buyers and sellers of credit services and make sure promises are fulfilled before money changes hands.

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1. Services

Services begin after a consumer and a company sign an agreement. We hold funds in a third-party escrow account.

2. Verification

We verify whether services have been performed as agreed, making sure both parties hold up their end of the bargain.

3. Payment

If verified, payment is released to the service provider. If not, funds are released back to the consumer.

No more scams. No more charge-backs.

Whether you need credit repair, tradelines, debt settlement, or more, take control over credit repair transactions, today!


Everyone's already here. Let's work together.

Whether you need credit services, provide credit services, or use credit services for your clients, Credzu provides a safe platform for everyone.

Need help?

You can hire companies through Credzu and protect yourself at the same time.

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Provide help?

You can close deals in Credzu with regulatory protection and industry best practices.

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Referral affiliates?

If your clients hire a company in Credzu, we will send them back when they are credit-ready.

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Where can I learn more about Credzu?

Check out our timeline to learn about our history. You may also be interested in learning how we applied escrow to credit repair services. Ultimately, you'll want to read about our Fairness Model.

We've written about credit repair, debt settlement, tradelines, Metro2, FCRA lawsuits, and contribute to an ongoing blog about credit.

With Credzu, consumers do not pay companies up front. Funds are held in protected escrow. Now, only written promises are up front.


What people have to say about Credzu.

People are excited about Credzu. Our fairness model is designed to make people happy!


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